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Should I Schedule a TeleHealth Appointment?

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Should I Schedule a TeleHealth Appointment?

Apr 05, 2020

More than ever, more and more physicians are relying on TeleHealth to assist with patient care. 

But what is it, and will it work for everyone?

To help make appointments more convenient, and especially during social quarantine as advised by government officials in response to the COVID-19 virus, these virtual appointments allow us to continue meeting with patients to assess their level of need before coming in for a face-to-face appointment. 

We’d like to help you understand the benefits of TeleHealth so you can determine if it’s right for you.

How to know a virtual TeleHealth appointment is right for you

Beginning with the telephone, TeleHealth has actually been around for longer than you might have thought. As technology progresses, it allowed patient portals and communication via the internet to become even more of the norm than the exception. Video calls help even further to improve our communication and triage medical issues.

During a virtual meeting (or TeleHealth) you are able to discuss symptoms, medical issues, and more with a healthcare provider in realtime. This allows us to diagnose, offer treatment options, and prescribe medication. 

You may have options to one or more of the following forms of TeleHealth:

  • Live TeleHealth- when physicians and patients communicate in real-time.
  • Remote patient monitoring- allows caregivers to monitor patients who use mobile medical equipment to collect data on things like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc.
  • Store and forward: Providers can share a patient’s health information with other healthcare professionals or specialists.

How does TeleHealth work?

It’s important to note that TeleHealth does not work for emergency situations. If you feel like you could be suffering from a heart attack or stroke, please don’t hesitate to call 911.

Also, for serious issues like cuts or lacerations, or broken bones that require x-rays, splints, or casts, please come into an emergency room or hospital. Anything that requires immediate, hands-on care should be handled in person. 

However, if you feel something may be wrong with your digestion, feel pain or heartburn related to eating, or sometimes even if you’re facing issues with hemorrhoids or diarrhea, you can schedule a virtual appointment first to discuss your symptoms. 

TeleHealth at Carolina Digestive

At Carolina Digestive Health Associates, we’re happy to announce TeleHealth as a protective measure for our most vulnerable patients while we navigate COVID-19, as well as a viable new option to schedule your appointment. It doesn’t mean you won’t have to visit your doctor again, but it can be a more convenient first step to getting the help you need. 

Call our office at 704-610-5391 to schedule your next appointment virtually through TeleHealth.