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We All Have Our Stories and Our Truths

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We All Have Our Stories and Our Truths

May 26, 2020

Week 1:

  • Sleep in an extra hour
  • Train for a marathon
  • Write a novel
  • Enjoy yoga pants 

Week 2:

  • Maybe walk an hour
  • Read a novel
  • Clean entire house
  • Enjoy wearing the same yoga pants, different color

 Week 3:

  • Tiger King
  • Yoga pants

Week 4:

  • I need to take control of my health, especially my weight
  • Doctor's offices probably aren't seeing patients for that right now
  • I'll get back on track tomorrow; it's all good
  • Yoga pants

So, we all have our "stories" and our "truths."

"I am far too busy right now to embark on a weight loss journey.” 

"Everything is too up in the air." "I don't have time to exercise, the gym is closed, and I have a million things to do." "I'll just have a little snack. I will get back on track Monday." "Everyone is in the same boat" "If not Monday, DEFINITELY next week". 

These are the common stories we tell. But here’s something that is more true:

Truth: "I am really struggling with finding control in this chaotic time, I have no idea when things will be normal again, and I am starting to feel like my weight is spiraling." How do I balance it all AND stay on track?" "I really should research some options, but I need to save money." "My new norm is bigger than I can handle." Mother, Father, Teacher, Employee, House Keeper, Caregiver, the list goes on. 

Hi there. My name is Cameron Prendergast, and I am blessed to operate within my purpose as Nutrition and Life Coach at Carolina Digestive Health Associates. 

I accompany each patient as they embrace their weight loss journey with the Orbera Intragastric Balloon. My personal routine has not been near as disrupted as many of yours. I still get up at the same time every day, shower, and go to work. Although now, I fasten what my daughter refers to as a "religious ceremonial bun" in my hair, I embrace my Sasquatch eyebrows, and I promise my hot rollers and Aqua Net that, "no, in fact, the 1980s are not coming to retrieve you. I will use you again."

Yet, there is still is a very out of control feeling. For a little while longer, I do not get to see my patient's beautiful and handsome faces in person, I can't hug them or squeeze their hand. We aren't, at the end of a follow-up visit, swapping hairdresser numbers and embracing the very comforting feeling of being together in person or celebrating their weight loss victories and showing those new skinny jeans or yet another notch off a belt buckle.

We have all learned so much in these trying times. Resolve, perseverance, control, beauty, and the absolute acceptance that it is OK TO NOT BE OK. 

What I do know is that we are not only social beings; we need conformity of some sort.

SO, I challenge you this, and I will do the same. Do not take that extra hour of sleep. (We did it, and it was nice, but it is not going to help us be the best version of ourselves in this altered journey we could not fore-see). 

Get up when you normally do. Instead of doing the usual things, hair, makeup, shaving, etc., make a healthy breakfast, exercise, garden, meditate, start tracking your food, meal plan. CREATE a "new, new norm" within a version of the "old norm". 

I PROMISE YOU, it will help. We will be back to some sense of normalcy again. BUT, the one thing that does not change is that we are all on this journey, and if you choose weight loss to be a part of it, WE are here to help you achieve those goals - together. PPE and all. Baby steps during this time of change will make a huge difference. Find something in your closet (not yoga pants) and try it on. Put it away and re-invest in the strength and resolve that inherently is in all of us. Try it back on a week after you have taken this challenge. 

 Finally, remember these things:

  • Live your truth, not your story.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Move, breathe, hydrate.
  • We are in this TOGETHER. 
  • I hate my gray hairs, natural nails, and Sasquatch eyebrows too. 
  • Eat less sugar; you are sweet enough already ☺️

Everyone's weight loss journey is different. Here at CDHA, we develop a plan specifically for each patient's needs, incorporating: lifestyle, family, and targeted health and individual goals. There is no greater investment than in your health, especially during these trying times. 

If you are serious about committing to a program that will tailor a plan specifically for you, we are here. We encourage you to do your research and shop around. You will not find a team more committed to excellence and patient care than here at Carolina Digestive Health Associates.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly and check out our Obera page for more information. And you won't want to miss Dr. Narang's interview with Charlotte Today, watch that here!

Cameron (currently in yoga pants as well).

(704)372-1649 cprendergast@carolinadigestive.com