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If There Are Symptoms, Testing Becomes Essential

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If There Are Symptoms, Testing Becomes Essential

Apr 14, 2020

To make it easier to determine the importance of medical screenings, particularly during social quarantine, Carolina Digestive is offering virtual appointments using TeleHealth. These video appointments allow us to meet with patients from the comfort of their own home in order to assess their level of need before coming in for a face-to-face appointment. 

You don’t want to neglect taking care of your overall health. Because while not all preventative medicine is considered essential, but if they are there, the polyps keep growing. For people over 50, up to 45% may have polyps and 40% of those are potentially cancerous. 

Colonoscopies, then, especially if there are symptoms presenting, are essentially essential.

Why meet with your doctor through video first?

While it began with the telephone, further advancements in technology have allowed patient portals and communication via the internet to become more part of the normal way to communicate. TeleHealth allows you to discuss symptoms, medical issues, and more with a healthcare provider in realtime. This way, you can receive a diagnosis, learn your treatment options, and get a prescription. 

TeleHealth is useful for situations where you need advisement more than hands-on care. Through a virtual visit, your provider will assess your symptoms, review your medication regimen, recommend testing and treatment options and more. Patients with conditions such as reflux, Crohn's disease, and IBS will benefit from TeleHealth appointments.

Symptoms to watch out for

Keep in mind that changes in your bowel habits or any pain or discomfort are symptoms worth exploring with a doctor. 

If you suddenly become constipated regularly, or you experience frequent diarrhea, these should be discussed with your doctor as they could signify the need for further screening. Other changes in bowel habits that may be noticeable include blood in the stool or bowel incontinence. Also consider any unexplained anemia, extreme and frequent fatigue, unintended weight loss, and other GI problems such as vomiting, nausea, or abdominal pain and cramping. 

Even if you’re only experiencing a few of the above symptoms, if they persist, it’s wise to inform your physician about your symptoms and make an appointment. 

Health issues like colorectal cancer and IBS are important to detect as early as possible.

How to Schedule a TeleHealth Appointment

Carolina Digestive is offering virtual TeleHealth appointments. Speaking with one of our staff will help determine the best approach for you. Please call 704-610-5391 to request an appointment.