What if you could change one thing and reduce the risk of your colon cancer coming back by almost 50%? Sounds nuts, right? It is! Tree nuts!
A recent study done by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute used a sample of patients who had previously had colon cancer stage III and found that by adding 2 ounces of tree nuts each week they reduced their risk of a recurrence of colon cancer by 46%. The study also showed that the risk of death in these patients was 53% lower than those in the study who didn’t add tree nuts to their diets. As impressive as this study appears, more research is needed into the role that nuts may play in reducing recurrence of colon cancer.

While eating tree nuts is no replacement for your doctor-recommended cancer treatment and shouldn’t be seen as a substitute, adding tree nuts to your diet may be an easy way to supplement these treatments and improve your overall health. You’ll also have the added benefits of fiber and protein. Tree nuts have also been touted as helping to reduce obesity, cholesterol, and heart disease.

For something as small as a tree nut to have this many benefits, it really makes sense to make them part of your weekly snacks, and with a variety to choose from—macadamias, cashews, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts—there’s sure to be some you like! Your health is important, and the doctors at Carolina Digestive want to be part of helping you make healthy choices and keep colon cancer at bay. Colon cancer, when found early, is over 90% curable. That is why we recommend screening colonoscopies and prevention. Prevention is always preferable to treatment, don’t you agree?

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